Maximon's Curse

2D – Platformer


Maximon’s Curse is a 2D platformer about an ancient evil that broke free from its confinement within a magical temple it was sealed in and is trying to escape. The player has been tasked with keeping the evil contained, and must successfully navigate around numerous traps to seal the evil away again. 

This was the third game project I worked on while in my first year at The Game Assembly. It was developed by a team of 10 working half time over 8 weeks spanning February – April 2017.

My Contributions

  • Player Animation States

    • When animations were added it got hard to distinguish where in the code to change the animations from jumping, landing, flinging etc. so I added states for our player to more easily be able to change between correct animations.
  • Gameplay

    • Implemented:
      – bullets that the player can fling from,
      – bullet spawner that shoots bullets in one direction,
      – seeking bullet spawner that shoots towards the player,
      – bullet teleporter that on collision with a bullet, teleports it to its connected teleporter.
    • Added a lerp to our fling ability so that we could do collision checks during the fling to stop players from “teleporting” outside the level.
    • Fully implemented our Turtlesloths that use gravity in a different way. 
  • Animations and Particles

    • Fully implemented our animation class that uses a single animation spreadsheet and animates with data received from a Json document.
    • Implemented a particle system that spawns emitters in the world or attaches an emitter to an object with data received from an editor implemented by another programmer.
  • Box2D

    • Worked with Box2D collisions to be able to use a box vs box collision without the player getting stuck and to be able to change gravity on any object which was used to create the TurtleSloths.

Project Details

  • Developed in 8 weeks (working half time)
  • C++
  • TGA engine called TGA2D
  • Tiled for level editing

Group: Team Kill

  • Programmers: 5