Save Game

3D – Space Shooter


Save Game is a 3D space shooter with an 80’s theme in which the player steps into a virtual world to save an engine (core) from malicious feature creeps that are trying to destroy it.

This was the first 3D game I worked on in my second year at The Game Assembly as well as my first 3D game ever. It was developed by a team of 12 working half time over 10 weeks spanning September – November 2017. The game was developed using our own game engine.

My Contributions

  • Gameplay

    • Worked on enemies and implemented an early iteration of our chaser AI as well as fully implemented our bomber AI.
    • Worked on an early iteration of a quaternion class because we encountered something called gimbal lock when working with 
      free-roaming 3D controls for the first time.
    • Fully implemented objects that fly through the world to make the world a little less static.
  • Particles

    • Worked in close proximity with our Technical Artists to get particles from unity in to our game and have them look the same.

Project Details

  • Developed in 10 weeks (working half time)
  • C++
  • Custom game-engine using DirectX 11
  • Unity for level editing

Group: Necrobyte

  • Programmers: 5
    • Albin Nilsson
    • Axel Szelag
    • Hampus Siversson
    • Jacob Reimer
    • Sebastian Szymanski